Road Trip With Your Dog: Everything You Should Know

Many dog owners want to bring their dogs along wherever they go, but it's not always simple! If you're going on a long car journey and want to bring your furry friend with you, there are a few things you need to do beforehand. In this article, our veterinarians in Grenada will explain everything you should be aware of before embarking on a road trip with your dog.

Traveling With A Dog

Planning a trip is already a lot of work. Adding a pet to the mix will make it even more complicated.

When traveling with your dog, there are several things to consider. Plan your route in advance to ensure there are enough places to stop for your dog's bathroom breaks and fresh air. Some dogs, like humans, may experience car sickness, so it's crucial to give them breaks during the journey to prevent illness.

Additionally, create a packing list specifically for your dog. This will help you remember all the essential items needed for your road trip. Here are some things you should include on your packing list.

Food & Water

Before embarking on your journey, ensure you have an ample supply of food and water for your dog throughout the trip. It's also wise to bring suitable dishes for them to eat from. Running out of dog food during the trip can result in delays, and it might be difficult to find your dog's preferred brand of food, especially if they are particular about it.

Bringing an adequate amount of water is crucial. You can opt for bottled water or carry larger containers. It's advisable to avoid allowing your dog to drink from unfamiliar or questionable water sources during the trip as it may upset their stomach. Water is indispensable, so it's best not to take any risks.


When you travel with your dog, make sure they wear their collar with identification and license tags. Keep them on a leash when they're outside the car. Ensure that your dog's information on the ID tags is up to date, including the correct phone number, so you can be reached in case your dog goes missing. Consider including a friend's phone number on the tag as an additional safety measure when you travel.


During a long drive, keeping your dog entertained is crucial to prevent boredom. Provide your furry companion with toys and bones to play with and chew on, which will make the journey more enjoyable for them.


When your dog needs medication, it's crucial to remember to bring it along. Forgetting it can cause problems in finding a replacement vet or even make your dog sick. Additionally, consider packing preventive medication such as motion sickness medication for your furry friend. 


Rewarding your dog with treats during the drive promotes positive behavior.


Towels have multiple uses: they can protect your vehicle seats and clean your dog if they get muddy or wet during the trip. Bringing blankets from home is essential for your dog's comfort during the car ride, as they may not have their usual bed. These blankets not only provide comfort but also protect your car.

Waste Bags

When you need to stop so your dog can go to the bathroom, it's crucial to have poop bags to collect the waste. It's convenient always to have waste bags in your vehicle during your journey.

First Aid Kit & Vaccination Records

In case of an accident or if your dog gets sick or injured, it's crucial to have the correct vaccination records for any veterinarian you might visit. Additionally, it's essential to pack some basic first aid supplies such as bandages or gauze to treat minor injuries.

Cleaning Supplies 

If your dog has an accident along the way, you are going to need some cleaning supplies to clean up your car. We suggest you pack air fresheners, rubber gloves, fabric cleaners, and trash bags.

If you have more questions about traveling with your dog, contact our Grenada veterinarians today!